Sunday, 21 June 2009

June fruits

Two spots of rain fell in the last week. I nearly missed them. The soil is rock hard and the new plants are struggling to find enough water.

The lavenders are happy, though and are just beginning to throw out scent. The courgettes and pumpkins are just starting to lift themselves to the heat challenge after a couple of weeks of feeling sorry to be moved from the greenhouse to the weather blast of a plot in full sun. 

Thymes and sages are in flower, the fennels are just starting to bush out and the rosemary smells wonderful every time you brush past it.

Plans are afoot to make the finest batch of gooseberries so far into crumble. More currants, raspberries and strawberries are ripening, in fact the whole plot is fragrant with them at the moment. The radishes are pristine and radiant deep pink. The baby corn is curling out some more glossy leaves. The first sweet peas will be in flower soon. Apples seem to be bigger each time I look at them.

Yesterday, these were ready. 

Something to see at every turn. Worth every ounce of that hard work. And good to have it while I'm busy with lots of writing on my desk.