Sunday, 7 June 2009


Like a runaway tattoo, written on 7th June last year, was my first piece on Ink haven. 

I just re-read it and realized how much it says about me even though I was writing about our wonderful English rain and my fascination with ink. I had written in my profile that I "wanted to see if blogging might be a fun way to get back into daily writing again," not realizing that the blogging adventures had already begun with my first click on the publish button.

Since picking up the pen last June, there has been no shortage of daily writing. A year later, it's great to look back at some of the old posts here, some of which arose "in the moment"on screen without my usual pen and paper. 

However, the best and most surprising thing about blogging is YOU. Having people read, comment, follow or become blog buddies has been a real boost for me, as have the blog awards that I have been honoured to receive, including a recent one from Cynthia.

Finding projects to take part in and seeing my pieces on other pages has been a great way for me to take my work forward. So, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has responded to my work and for the inspiration generated by the work of so many creative folks. It's great to be in touch.

Speaking of which, inspired by Seth's invitation on The Altered Page here's a shot of one of my inspiration boards. I had a quick tidy up and found a few things I had forgotten about beneath the layers that flapped dryly in the breeze from the window. 

Plenty for me to gaze at as I pick up my pen today. Wishing everyone lots more blogging adventures. Ax