Thursday, 21 May 2009


I was out when they did it. Came home to find they had reached the lid of the propagator. All since I had watered their 2 inch stems in the morning.

Sun blast. Indoors and out. 

I love it's absolute enthusiasm, how soon it can grow taller than me, even with little rain. I love the pale feathery flower heads, and the way the leaves grow papery through the Summer and rustle in the breeze. I love the damp fruit that hides inside layers of wrappings, and the first one that I can never resist eating raw. We always leave them long after the last low fruits have been nibbled by a mouse on tip toes, and let them stand a few more weeks longer, enjoying the sounds and the lovely screen they make. 

And when it's finally time to take them to the compost heap, I'm always fascinated by the reptilian look to the top part of their roots, how it almost looks like stone.

They have the high roof of a greenhouse to aim for now. And in a few more weeks, they will be planted out to start looking at the sky.

Baby corn. One of my favourite veggies to grow.