Saturday, 25 April 2009

What I asked for

Tomorrow is my debut for reading my own writing in public. 

It's been an interesting week coming towards it. I've reassured my nerves by telling them that I've played thousands of (music) gigs over the years that have included some of my own music, and that this is just another sort of gig, with words instead of music and with the added attraction of there being no heavy gear to organise.

The day is called The Book and the Rose and celebrates St. George's Day, which is also the day Shakespeare died. It's a day to celebrate books and literature, so there are all sorts of events going on - 11am til 5pm, Jubilee Square outside the library. All free.

I got what I asked for. 

Last year, in my writing group, whenever we listed our top wants for the sessions, mine was always - Do a reading. No-one else shared my idea then. So, it's great that I will have some buddies to read alongside. And we will be reading very short stories of 100 words on the themes of St. George, roses, dragons, England and books.

If you are in Brighton, why not come and join us?