Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Purple patch

Yesterday, heaven came in a bowl - the first of the new season purple sprouting broccoli was ready. Stunning as it looked, there was no chance of admiring it's richness once it arrived home. Only one thing to do. 

It took about two minutes to steam, with the rich purple of the flowers cooking to a dark bright green and the water turning to the colour of magic broth. So tender. It took about two seconds to eat. 


Last month, it was lovely to receive an Inspiration Award from Leanne - Mixed media martyr. I wrote about it in a previous post - 19th March and have finally got myself organized to pass it on. There were no exact rules for this award, but I want to share the award with four people whose blogs have inspired me many times over. Hope you might like to take a look at these blogs. You are in for a treat.

The award is in my sidebar so you can just drag it onto your desktop and then paste into your blog. Enjoy.