Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Writing in the park, in a flood of birdsong, another sound pushed in. A chocolate Labrador bounded towards me like I was his long lost pal. The whistle nearly gave me a heart attack. The dog froze mid flight and stopped his glorious adventure. His name was Gooooooood Booooooooy.

He's being trained hard. She-who-must-be-obeyed hardly gave the dog a moment's peace for all sorts of  wonderful sniffing and running opportunities. The peep peep nearly drove me insane. And I was tempted to ask her politely to remove her peeping from beside me. I didn't. Someone else told her in an outburst with lots of consonants in it, instead.

But the dog couldn't resist walking beside a tall guy who reminded my of Dylan from The Magic Roundabout. Guitar slung over his shoulder, bare feet, long dreads down his back. The dog walked to heel beside him towards the gate while the peeping caused uproar in the bird community.

Tonight, in Brighton, I'm playing a free set with Dave, one of my favourite people to play with. I know - free music isn't everyone's cup of tea. If there was an improv night to bring my Mum along to, this would probably be it as there is going to be a lovely mix of instruments.

Here in Mac land we are having huge problems with pasting and layout on this blog lately. All the details are on my gig list on my Myspace page should you be interested to come along. The link is over here in my sidebar in the Bees in my bonnet bit.