Monday, 27 April 2009

The Book and the Rose

What can I tell was a great day.

The sun shone. And after a lot of silly jokes about the jitters, and some fantastic organizing, I think we shone as well, most of us reading our work in public for the first time.

And a crowd came and all the seats were full. More people stood at the back when we began. We started with stories of dragons and ended with others about roses, and the words flowed and the crowd did something I wasn't expecting - they all stayed and listened.

I loved hearing the other pieces being brought to life right there beside me, and I loved hearing the responses of the audience as they enjoyed our work. Here's one of the pieces I read -

Talking books

The library is rarely silent. The humans make sure of that. But behind all this surface noise, another sound runs through as an endless thread, day and night, regardless. See, the books can't help it. They recite their favourite lines to each other.

Polite, taking it in turns, leaving appreciative silences between each quote, the books read to each other from the hidden darkness of their closed pages.

Sometimes, if you sit still long enough without a hundred thoughts racing through your head, you can catch the whispered lines of something you learnt by heart long ago, and still remember.

Sometimes, you get what you wanted and it turns out to be disappointing. Not so this time. This was such a lovely event to be part of. The comments I received on my previous post where a huge boost for me, so thanks to all of you who sent me a message. And of course, thanks to those of you who came along to support and cheer us on.