Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sky grid

Not much left of one of Brighton's piers. The West Pier is a burnt out wreck of bare bones, sculptural and beautiful still, but abandoned to the hurl of weather and the fury of tides.

In my beach walk yesterday, before the storm hit in, I saw that some more of the support structure on the beach has been removed, leaving more sky where once there was a grid and mesh of metal when you looked up. Once there was a walkway here, where you could part with money and don a red safety helmet to join a rare tour that tentatively ventured out into what was left, into what was thought to be safe. 

There haven't been any tours for a while. The walkway has tumbled into the waves, leaving one part diving down into thin air, hinting that there might have once been a big dipper that plunged under the waves. 

I often go and sit there, best time being at the lowest tides when it's possible to walk between some of the pillars and roof beams on their sandy bed. It has been the inspiration for many sketches and lots of writing. I love the grids the structures make against the background of the sky. And this is a sketch of part of the main body that is furthest out from the shore, a tiny part of the whole.

Last night, as I listened to the rage of the storm throwing itself down the street, I was reminded again, that one day, I will go to the beach and it will all be gone.