Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Buzz in my head. Fast flow film. Silent. Packed with images like I am driving through them and then flying above them in a free flow flood, not in control of where I am being flown to. Like being in a dream, except awake.

I guess I am in a word rush. There is a speed to their arising that I've never noticed before. On the go. Alive. Even late, after work when I normally run out of steam, a happy flood arrives on my pages.

It has left me wondering how to organize such a hoard. Not the bigger threads that are self contained story ideas, but the small snatches that shine within the pages of everyday ramblings. All I can think of is to use an alphabetical notebook with lists of all the g words together etc. A "words I like " daybook - possibly in a diary used just for this purpose. Or some kind of homemade thesaurus. But then, the horror of that idea hits in of how long I could spend on such an enterprise. And I guess some people do it that way, but it sounds like a massive distraction from the real work. 

Key words. Threads that lead out from a hub. A web. Post it notes like flags on the pages. Doodles with lots of links. I am finding out what works, mostly by finding out what doesn't. 

And so I have a question for any creative folks who might be interested in replying - how do you organize keeping track of images in your notebooks and sketchbooks so you can find them again without having to re read through piles of books in search?