Thursday, 26 March 2009

Bye bye eagle eye

Another busy week. Already I'm aware of the pull towards the weekend and less time dictated by the clock and the calendar.

On my table, nearing completion, are projects that are about to go out into the world. New ventures for my writing. And the tyranny of deadlines and editing and the inevitable eleventh hour running out of ink. All very new to me. 

Part of me baulks at that word. A dead line isn't an attractive phrase, let's face it. However, I am thinking of it all in the much friendlier image of my work having a certain train to catch. Of course, it's a very reliable train that will never leave late due to signals or leaves on the line. It helps that I live up a steep hill from the station and my real train journeys always begin with a whoosh towards gravity that always makes it seem like the start of an adventure. I am applying this same feeling to my image in the hope of sending my writing out with a bright attitude.

The story that has lurking in me these last few weeks has finally found form on paper. Sleepy-eyed, but light with it all somehow, I am feeling relieved that my head is less full than it was a few days ago when the story possessed me like it was moving into the rooms I reserve for such life-saving priorities as daydreaming and gazing into space.

Last night, I played an improvised ensemble set. Guitar, double bass and violin. And we had a ball, creating something with no safety net, no plans, just the aim to have a musical conversation. Free jazz is not everyone's cup of tea. We did not play anything that could be called free jazz. It was it's own world with hints of swing and riff, but wonderful, magical and totally itself. 

I guess it is the musical equivalent of doodling, or writing free flow, the difference being that we usually do these things solo. Anyway, remedy to my eagle eye week, it was a tonic to go with the flow in an abstract world created moment by moment.

It's been disorientating for me to have had less notebook time this week. Good to focus on bigger projects as well. What makes it all better is to know they will be waiting for me once I get back from the post office.