Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dis in teg ra tion

I have wrapped up this bundle to take part in Disintegration manifestation. It's a project of Seth's which you can read about at The Altered Page. 

Of course - and I knew this would happen - I got so carried away in the whole thing that now I've wrapped everything up, I can't quite remember what I did include! 

Anyway, there is a piece of rusty metal from the beach which I hope might make pleasant bleeds onto some of the other materials which include watercolour paper with gesso daubed about on it, red tissue paper which I expect to weep suitably along with a tea bag and a rosehip tea bag, poetic lines of mine written in soluble ink - one written on a card luggage label, white silk waste, a strange papery bark-like material that came in a bag of off cuts from the artshop clearout, ragged handmade paper, a flattened square of copper, copper wire.......And it all comes wrapped inside blue rag paper, secured with rafia ties and a web of wires.

It will be going to my allotment next time I venture there, where I will tie it to the Rosemary bush just in case a raging storm tries to sweep it away on a journey before May 1st.

Question is, will those bored and curious Crows find it? Should I bury it just in case? Will be thinking on these things as I have a cup of tea.