Monday, 19 January 2009

Wind, hail and fury

Waiting as the windrush barged in from the sea, a whole tide of fury behind it, I watched the hail fire at the glass, thankful that I can cross window cleaning off my chores list this week.

The sky came and sat down low, like a fuming frown. I didn't risk running to the bank and the bakery. I came back in and sulked a bit at not having had time to get blasted by the elements. The image is from a wild day out in the elements on Boss Moor on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, when the sky came down as well. Acrylics, grit, sand, wind, hail and fury.

However, as you can see from this post, I am finding my way around my scanner and software in the gloom of the darkest afternoon ever, in the hope that one day I can get images displayed here how I would like them! As I have mentioned before in these ramblings, usually what happens at such points in the proceedings is that I just go off and play the piano instead.

Having reached my current limits of what I can do with this image, I am still here without the piano keys having been played once, imagining people looking at this image with a magnifying glass and wondering what has happened to my typing layout that makes the first part of this post look like a poem gone astray. However, work is calling me back and today it happens to involve a piano as well. 

Will try and improve my image posting for the next time I have a scan ready.

Ps. It was me who painted it. And by ways mysterious to me, if you click on it you can make it a bit bigger to view.