Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sky check

I just checked again. Opened the curtains. Surveyed the skies. Cloudy and -1°. 

Light snow showers are forecast for tomorrow, just as the holiday is ending and we all get back to normal days. This being the Southeastern corner of England, we don't do too well for snow. Being short on space here at home, a sledge is not high on my priority list. However, living on top of a hill means I do have a good choice of slopes to slide down should the wonderful opportunity arise. 

Curled cozy on the sofa as I drink my Ovaltine, I'm dreaming about waking up to a snow scene like on Christmas cards, wondering if I'll have time to slide down the hill on a tea tray before starting work tomorrow. 

And just before I go to sleep, I know I'll take another look outside.