Saturday, 10 January 2009

Paddle no.1

Strolling, in that blissful half hour before work, I forgot. The tide was pushing to shore, wanting to keep that narrow band of sand I was enjoying to itself. So, quite by accident, my shiny shoes, smart work clothes and me went for the first paddle of the year yesterday at 1°. 

Usually the first one is cause for small celebration, with barefoot meandering, picnics, slightly warm bottles of wine.......... I'm surprised I thought it was funny to walk home squelching in my shoes with dark wet ankles above them. Curious, even, to discover how soon freezing wet feet warm up when you just get moving again. 

At home, I tipped out a little pool from each shoe, watched the drops run in beads on the waxy surface of the footbeds, squeezed out my blue stripy socks, found a tiny tower shell in the treasure of grit and sand that I had carried home with me.

There's another Winter piece of mine  here.
Thanks to Fiona for choosing my piece.