Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Less Spot

Have you noticed? I (Spot) have been around less, lately. Over the last few weeks, Annie has been publishing the posts here and more recently, signing comments as well - possibly confusing a few of you in the process!

I have been keeping an eye on her, of course, making sure that she's keeping things up to scratch. Ink haven has become far more than either of us ever imagined, due to the positive input and friendship from our readers and now I've told Annie that she needs to get cracking and have the wildest most creative time ever, both with the blog and elsewhere. 

It's time. We both need our own projects, more elbow room and to get more work done without having to agree on everything first. 

So, sadly, with a tear in my eye and unexpectedly, with a great big lump in my throat, I am saying goodbye today. It's been a wonderful adventure and I will never forget it. 

Lots of love, Spot xx