Friday, 30 January 2009


Remembering the river gorge. I sketched what I could still bring to vision with scratchy black pens. They reflected my mood in the deepening gloom of an afternoon without daylight, when I was wishing I was there, back then, in weather warm enough to sit and gaze. 

Sick sick sick of a January that has cramped me indoors too often, I ate a luscious red grapefruit and the juice ran cold down my sleeve while the sketches ran away from that river memory and into the crook of some other place. 

Valleys frowned. Outcrops loomed. But then, the brush chose the colours of citrus and sand and I looked at a sketch that is unlike my others. 

I am curious as I look across the room at it.......

However, the SUN IS SHINING and I have some free time today. So, despite the challenge of having to wrap myself in every item of clothing I can possibly wear all at one time so that I don't run home after five minutes of windchill, I am off image gathering with pocketbook in my gloved hand.