Sunday, 7 December 2008

Lost in good company

Throat mumbling flute, trying to find the lost humming of contentment. Creaking and fluttering violin like a hollow bird testing it's newly planed wings. Warped delay vocals in a foreign tongue, bouncing down a maze of virtual drainpipes, tapped by bright shards of a xylophone. Thud of old wooden crate is an empty, longing heart.

The strands came together and the room sang and a small dog lost in good company turned around to listen.


Yesterday, I had a great time taking part in  a gallery 'happening' where the walls were covered in paper and decorated with words, drawings, prints, collage etc. It was very hard to tear myself away from the totally liberating experience of scrawling on a big scale without having to worry about making a mess. There was live music too, and I know my violin was dying to come out of it's case while I was spraying paint and getting the markers going. There was also a little dog called Bill who was so happy to have lots of new company and in the quiet bits, I loved hearing her nails on the vinyl floor.