Thursday, 25 December 2008

Festive cheer

Dropped stars litter the street outside the plain neatness of the Strict Baptist Chapel. 
A Japanese girl in ankle socks, kneels to pick them up. 
Fallen stars shimmer, earthbound. 
Last night's cheer still shines.


Now it's my turn to spread some festive cheer!

I've been thinking about generosity and how the gifts that come when we least expect them to, the things that are impossible to wrap in paper and ribbons, the times when there's no actual gift that changes hands, are often the most wonderful. They are the gifts that gently direct us back into the teaming pulsing streaming life around us. And sometimes, it feels a bit magical.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my blogging adventure so far - to all the followers, the people who have become on-line buddies, those who have commented, those who lurk, those who drop by occasionally, and those of you who know me. 

When I raise my glass later, I will raise it to you. Cheers! 
Have a very Happy Christmas.
Love from Annie and Spot xx