Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A big 'a'

Balanced over his shoulder, a man carried a huge 'a'. It was bright blue and had long wire leg spikes, so you could fix it on top of a giant's birthday cake, obviously. It looked awkward to carry. This being Brighton, no-one took much notice of him as he crossed the street. 

Out for a rambling and meandering walk, with a bit of time on my hands, I kept wondering about where he might be taking it. Fairground. A gift for someone called arthur or alice. A big massive sign on top of a supermarket or warehouse. School literacy session - let's think of words beginning with the letter a. Theatre set. That giant's birthday cake. 

Turned out, he was doing a photo shoot for Bupa in front of the seafront beach huts. The spikes were supported by perspex boxes to hold the letters up. And they were surrounded by as much gear as would accompany a hoard of superstars. Only, there were no superstars. Just a man with a wrecked back, after carrying the signage, piece by piece, for a private health insurance company. 

In front of the huge letters, a tall Poodle with a neat pompom hair-do, chased a ball thrown by a guy gliding backwards on slick in-line skates.