Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sit down and write

Had to be tough with myself this morning. Laid down some rules. Very simple, really. Make one cup of tea - sit down and write with pen and paper- SWITCH NO OTHER GADGETS ON until you have written for an hour.

So that's what I just did. In fact, I wrote for a bit longer than that. Phew! It has restored me. What I needed. 

See, yesterday, it was great to go with the lovely flow of awards and posting a long blog and sending messages and cake and sunshine walks on the beach and all the rest of it. It was fun to have a different kind of day. However, the casualty in all of that was MY WRITING and by the time I had to go and work, I was all ratty round the edges because I had only spent about 20 minutes with a pen in my hand. Mostly, I twiddled the pen, and worst thing of all, did TOO MUCH THINKING. To be honest, that time could have been better spent tidying one of the kitchen cupboards or being on the beach for a bit longer!

I'm uncomfortably aware that I might have pushed others off their creative flow, yesterday. While we all have the choice to respond or not to such things as nominations and tags and celebrations and polls, it's very easy to get drawn into yet another distraction, this being one of them, with everything just one little click away. Before we know it, an hour has gone by, and sadly, so too has that little flicker of a fragile whisper that wanted to tell you something through the magic of paint or sound.........