Saturday, 25 October 2008

Library at midnight

Always the subject of intense fascination for me as a child, tonight we change change the clocks from BST back to GMT, gaining an hour in the process. Back then, every year, twice a year, I was stunned into wide-eyed silence at the thought of playing dangerous tricks with time. I had frightened myself by reading too many books.

In the late hours of this very night, here in Brighton, to celebrate the extra hour, there are strange events and wonderful spectacles happening that would have thrilled me as an impressionable youngster. Top of the list to me then, would have been a trip down the sewers. 

While I won't be putting my Wellies on ready for a trip into the underworld, instead of luxuriating under the duvet, I will be out and about in the middle of the night, listening to music, looking at art, exhibitions and installations around the town, seeing films.......I might even return my library books at midnight! 

That such an idea feels like a small act of rebellion, must be a sign of advancing years. I hope I can stay awake through the concerts!

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