Friday, 3 October 2008

Free free and freer

Safehouse is an experimental music collective in Brighton where the focus is on free improvisation. Musical conversations evolve between players in the moment, without the usual musical safety nets of structure, tonal area, groove or riff. Some of my musician buddies curl lips in horror at the thought of such freedom, assuming that all we do is make a perpetual racket. Well, sometimes we do! But some of the music that takes flight there takes my breath away. 

It has been a huge inspiration  for my playing since I first joined and I have been collecting word images from the sounds I hear and play there. It's very much at the scrapbook stage of work in progress, but here are some of the images I am currently muttering to myself and trying out for poetry some day soon........
  • sounds trip and stumble, find their way, blind
  • tom-tom chokes like a start stop heartbeat
  • tenor snarls like breathy metal rain driving in 
  • ecstatic flurries of birdsong tumble, in the fury of a dark hedge
  • cello engine splutters, lurches forward into the race
  • thin still stem of flute rises towards light
  • restless textures unravel, tangle and knot
  • cobwebbed strands of a Prague cafe lurk beneath a cool dark lake of restless violin and flustered accordion
  • silence finds hidden forms