Friday, 10 October 2008

Cake can change your day

In the luxury of being able to have a slow start this morning, I was gazing out into my quiet street where the trees are burning gold in the sun. I was in free flow, with all sorts of memories and ideas, thoughts and imaginings, while wondering about today's blog post - which I knew was going to be something about communication. I have time for a long walk by the sea this morning, before working later, so I had planned to post after my cobwebs had been swept away. However........

When I opened up my e mails, I had a message from Kristen Hovet who has nominated me for an "I love your blog" award. I am thrilled. WOW!! Part of the idea is that the award gets passed on. There's no-one here to celebrate with, so I am kicking off the party by sharing the cake in the blogging world. We can go to the pub after work tonight if anyone who knows me is reading this.

Here are the rules -

1 - Add the logo to your blog
2 - Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3 - Nominate at least 7 other bloggers
4 - Add links to their blogs
5 - Leave a comment for your nominees on their blogs

1 - written by Jem. It's a beautiful haven of calm and haiku that reminds me that less is more. Jem has been a great blog buddy and companion on my blogging adventures - one of the people I am listing today, who has made a huge difference in my keeping on blogging campaign! Thanks Jem x

2 - Harry Bell's is one of the first ever blogs I discovered, way before I had my own. Without excellent pages like his on the web, I wouldn't have taken the plunge myself. I love Harry's cityscape paintings and his tales of the day to day. And he has a sense of humour which seems to match my own.

3 - Neda's inspiring blog is She creates haunting collages that I ADORE. Her pieces resonate long after seeing them. What could be better than that?

4 - Rima's blog is a remarkable and inspiring world all of it's own. I have to be careful with getting so absorbed in it that I don't get on and do my own work. When I first saw this blog, it nearly took my breath away.

5 - by Michelle Johnson is a new discovery for me. It has a vibrant mix of all things poetic. It has a feel of friendly magazine to it that I love. Hope to get to read the back pages soon.

6 - by Seth Apter is a treasure trove. It feels like a gallery and museum all mixed into one - with no-one standing in front of your favourite piece, of course. And it is full of links to explore. Inspirational.

So, cheers to all of you. It has been great to link up on the web with other creative folks. Thanks for comments, for support, humour and friendship.......... And thanks again to Kristen for giving me a great start to a Friday. Hope you enjoy reading some of these other blogs.

Off to the beach now. Enjoy the cake! Love, Spot x
PS Links are sorted now, I hope. Thanks for telling me how.


Rima said...

Ahh thank you Spot kindly for your compliments and for the cake :)
I am intrigued to see the other folk's blogs too... you couldn't make them into links could you? (she says cheekily! ;) )
How nice to have a morning walk by the beach to blow away the cobwebs. I just had a walk over these scottish hills through the wet n wind.
All the best to you and thanks again :)
Rima :)

Michelle Johnson said...

Thank you so much Spot for the kind gift and cake. I look forward to seeing you at Poefusion again soon. There's plenty of prompts for you to peruse when time allows. Thanks again for you thoughtfulness. Have a nice day and walk at the beach.

Vesper de Vil said...

To do the links, while you are composing the post, highlight the words to be linked with your mouse (left button). Keep the text highlighted and click on the button that looks like a greenish circle with a chainlink to the top left of the icon. You can then type, or copy and paste a link into that area. Then click "OK". That should work! :)

harrybell said...

Thanks for the very kind words, Spot. If you want to insert links for the people you've made awards to, open the post in Edit. Make sure you're in Compose mode. Highlight the words you want to be Hyperlinked. Click on the Hyperlink icon (fourth along after Font). A box drops down. Type in, or copy and paste, the URL of the specific blog and click OK. The link is made.

Spot said...

Thanks for making me do it, Rima! And to V+H for telling me how.

jem said...

Hello, thanks for your lovely words about me and my blog. I'm glad I found you just as you were starting, or you found me, I can't recall which. It's great to read your writings, especially as we are quite close geographically too. I don't tend to pass these award things on, but believe me, I do appreciate the acknowledgment, and I look forward to checking out your recommendations!

seth said...

Thanks a million Spot for passing on this award to me and my blog. I appreciate the words you wrote about The Altered Page so much!! Thank you.