Saturday, 27 September 2008

Starlings and Hawks

While making soup - chopping the onions, sweet potatoes, garlic, a couple of carrots, adding a generous pinch of favourite spices and a bundle of thyme, I am wondering about three ingredients that are stewing in my mind. Images of Icarus, Elton John and Bernie Taupin's hit - Rocket Man, and Yves Rossy who flew across the Channel on Friday with a jet-propelled wing on his back.

Elton sang about it being a long long time til touch down after his flight in space. Well, he was going a long way. 

Icarus over did it and ignored mission control instructions and common sense, leaving me wondering about how long it might have taken him to flap and glide to the next island if all had gone according to plan. 

As Yves showed the other day, technology is bringing the ideas of sci-fi into our reality. He flew across the English Channel in less than 10 minutes, riding in like a speeding Hawk, totally in it's element and driven onwards by a storm.

Looking out across the street as I ate the soup, I noticed Starlings congregating to splash in a sunlit rooftop puddle, all flapping peck and stabbing claw. Their joyous announcing of such a wonderful find brought in more and more of the flock, who landed on top of the crowd like a reckless ambushing pile-up.

How would most of us behave if we took to the skies with jet propulsion? Starlings or Hawks?