Wednesday, 10 September 2008


"Well, I sat down expecting shimmering beauty and magnificence, and WONDER," she told me in far too loud whisper that made a crescendo right through the phrase finishing in a sudden shout. As she finished her mortifying comment, mouth shaped into a slow O and then a gaping long U as he dropped her jaw in her last word. I have to admit, I was rather fixated on the strange enthusiasm that came over her mouth! Took on a life all of it's own it did, like those awful shocking cartoons they do of politicians in the paper, all bodily functions.

Anyway, I thought it was rather interesting, this percussion piece. It all sounded like it might not be quite the same next time, like some of the soloists just got carried away and hit everything in sight. Must be very cathartic, all of that. Anyway, Pleiades, it's called, by someone whose name I can't quite recall. Hmm ....... some name pronounced like Anarchic. Greek, of course. 

Well, everyone looked round at us. I blushed when I heard people shushing. And then she said to me right against my ear with those macabre lips, " Sounds like someone making a bloody racket in my pan cupboard," and started to shake with withheld hysteria, eyes clenching hold of their tears. Well, I closed my eyes in shame. Albert Hall and all, you'd think she would have known better and just had a bit of a daydream in the intellectual bits and kept her common thoughts to herself. 

One of the things I always find interesting, is to hear what people think of new art work, whatever the genre. This piece was inspired when I was listening to tonight's Prom which included Pleiades by Xenakis and the memory of some phrases I once overheard at a concert of first performances of new works by avant-garde composers, when 2 quite elderly sisters in the audience had an enormous row with each other in the middle of a piece. Pleiades is a constellation of stars, commonly called Seven Sisters.