Tuesday, 16 September 2008

100 posts

In a playful mood today. Brace yourself!

Come on, hands up, who remembers those school day questions that made us all groan - all of us, that is, except the spookyswats who always knew the answer before being told all the facts. 

Deep breath. You are about to build a fence across the Pennine wilderness to keep the cattle off the road and have to order the exact amount of fence posts and nails. The area to be crossed is 38 miles East to West from Bog bound corner to Hole in the thicket. How many fence posts would you need to build such a fence, placing them 1.5m apart? Remember to allow for a gate of 2m to allow the farmer access to his land. While you are at it, can you also calculate another fence that will go from from York to Whitby with the posts set at 2m apart that doesn't cross any streams? How many nails would the average worker bend out of shape each day while being blasted by a force 4 Northwesterly, soaked to the skin and dying for a pint at that pub 6 miles down the valley? How long would it take him to walk back up the valley against the wind to resume work after consuming 2 pints and a cheese and pickle roll?

Sorry. Think I just got a bit carried away in all of that. The questions weren't ever THAT complicated, but I always got caught up on the other side of the story when I should have just been doing sums. Whenever it said , "Show all your workings," I winced at the amount of extra claptrap that was alive in my head, and decided it was best to keep all of that to myself. 

Practical as such calculations might be, in my various travels, I have seen a lot of cattle and sheep unbound on the moors with not a fencepost in sight. And we all know anyway, that most sheep in their right mind would jump such fences to wander down the middle of the road to sniff out the right sort of sandwiches, if the fancy took them.

We also know, that for most of us, the thought of such calculations is likely to bring on a severe phase of daydreaming and wondering what's for tea. So now I have made everyone start to yawn and nod off, I will get to the real point of this post, which is - Ta da da daaaaaaa!! THIS IS MY 100th INK HAVEN POST and I am very happy. 

The real reason for rambling will become clear in a minute, I hope, because I am actually hoping to have lost a lot of readers by now! When I set up this blog, I said I was curious to see how my blogging adventures unfold. WELL, what an adventure it has been! I have received all sorts of strange spam and offers of all sorts of err ....... things. Occasionally, I receive comments that MEAN NOTHING at all to me and seem to have no relevance to anything I ever wrote. I don't know why anyone would bother to send them, unless I am totally missing the point, and have had some vital snippet of blogging wisdom pass me by. Wonder what will happen now that I've had a moan about all of this!! 

Whilst all of that is of mildly amusing interest, what I am really interested is the good stuff that having this blog brings. As I have said before in these pieces, it has been great and best of all has been the space to explore new ideas, have some different viewpoints and to connect with new people. Each time I have a browse at my favourite blogs, I am totally astounded by some of the new work I see. Thanks for the inspiration, be it words or images, comments, stories, crafts, beetroot...... Thanks, X Spot 

Ps. There are no prizes for the right answers to the fence posts questions. If you get them right, then just be happy!