Thursday, 28 August 2008

Beach shots

On the seaside bench, a huge seagull chick chunners in delight. It's beak drips smeared pink ice cream that he has scooped and pecked from the shallow paper cup abandoned there with some remnants left to enjoy. The liquid pink drips through the wooden slats onto the speckled concrete. Behind him, in a bright circle of acidic yellow left by the circus Big Top, shoulder hunched adult birds face uniformly into the wind.

A suffocated stunt kite plummets out of the sky, lands with a sound like belly flop contained in a tiled pool. It's nylon threads are stranded at angles around the beach huts. A man walking his square cornered plodding dog doesn't see the taught wires across his path and they slice and cut his check below the eye. He is swearing to the wind as the dog looks up at him, head to one side. He turns back into the wind, taking determined steps, holding his hat in place. 

I sat behind a groyne, away from the relentless blast of the wind, watched a purple sky gathering itself into a high bank of darkness. Shakily chalked on the wall beside me was a comforting smiling figure. Possibly a portrait of Humpty Dumpty, but more likely a proud drawing of someone's Daddy.