Saturday, 5 July 2008

Day 29

Today sees the start of my second month of blogging and I want to have a bit of a review of how it has been so far. When I set up the page, I remember how my main wish was for this to be an adventure. Well, it has been and I am so pleased that I set out to explore it.

Turns out (a huge surprise to me) that I have posted every day. Sometimes these pieces come from ideas that have been bubbling in my journal, which is what I expected I would do. But it seemed like a blog was the perfect place to open up a blank window and just go for it and see what evolved. I knew that I didn't want to get involved in lots of nit picking and rewriting. Instead, I wanted something that was fresher and less polished, and that possibly revealed a new flavour. I'm not sure what it is yet, but I like it. Anyway, the scribbler in me is thrilled about all of this as well because my 'normal' writing - in notebooks with a pen - has blossomed as well. There are lots of interesting ideas on the go all round.

One of my other aims was to let this project have a life of it's own, to let it find it's way. So, there have been a mix of pieces, both true and imaginary and I just go with the idea that seems to be the most vibrant at the time of writing it. Pick an idea and begin. This has worked so far and I haven't begun any pieces here that I haven't seen through.

The whole process thing fascinates me - like when I frightened myself last week when it all got a bit serious regarding one particular project - but my main interest is the writing itself and how to keep it going, because basically, I have rediscovered that writing makes me happy and I am more ME when I write every day!

Somewhere in all of this, my thoughts about my writing aims have opened up towards looking at lots of different possibilities. This is as exciting as it is scary, but I am working on just accepting that this is how its right now and just get on and write something else instead. Changes are on the way and I don't really need to worry about them.

A month ago, the perfect timing of a helpful kick start was all I needed to take a small risk and dare to dip my first tentative toe into this new venture. The effect of all of this has been profound. Connecting with others who are sharing their work on line has been a huge inspiration and motivation for me. Some of the work I have looked at is stunning.

Here's to more blogging adventures!