Saturday, 21 June 2008

15 days

New ventures, a tingle of excitement, feeling like the inside of my face is smiling, a gulp of fear that seems to shrink my breath, ideas running inside me, projects full of life, a sense that I have good company beside me when I walk on the beach alone in the first thin light of a grey morning.

I have returned to my writing. I had forgotten the alchemy that such creativity can bring. I had ignored its pull while putting good bread on the table, caring for house and home and those close to me. I had lost hold of one of the threads that helps weave more contentment. 

15 days since I began this blog, since I took curious unsure steps in a new direction. It has begun to take on a life of it's own. My journal bubbles like a pot of soup on the back burner, my project sketchbook has opened it's generous wide arms in welcoming me to have fun on the page. I seem to be freer in my other creative work as well. Bright orange sparks from one part of the embers ignite other flames.