Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Time to say goodbye……..?

Guess it won't come as a surprise that I'm thinking about saying goodbye to my blog. I've had an odd and exhausting year. Without going into detail, posting here has been the last thing on my mind and although I intended to keep up with reading what everyone has been up to, that hasn't happened much either.

It's time for me to do things a bit differently now, I think. I'm working on a website. One day it will all come together!! And I've also joined Facebook - yes, me who said she never would!! And like it so far. It's been great to have found some of you are also THERE. So if any of you would like to keep in touch with our creative projects there, it would be great to say hi. It's always great to see a blog post pop up on my timeline, as I do get a bit tired of clever cat videos, much as I love cats!! Don't send me one, please. (I'm listed as Annie Kerr and Annie Kerr music.)

It's been great to meet so many creative buddies online and to have become friends with people near and far. I have genuinely felt like I was part of a warm community of like-minded souls. So thank you for your friendship and the kick that you have given my creativity when I have needed it most.

For now, Annie xx

Sunday, 25 January 2015



I always hoped that winter sunlight would make me taller at the end of the day than at the beginning. Soon I'll be taller than that beach house.

Been busy with new projects with a group of people into book arts. We have quite a new blog here if you'd like to take a look.


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wanting red in January

Heading out. Hands in pockets. The last sun of the day before the dark sweeps in too soon, so warm if you hide behind a wall, shelter and turn to face far flames. You stroll a meandering route from small patch to small patch of gritty sand, right beside the lace border of surf. You're lost in the sun glare and sea sounds, and the town's grinding turn towards rush hour might never be happening. 

You notice a red crate split open, revealing tangled red threads and nets and sea bitten red foam spilling out. The smaller pieces run up the screes of stones, a new adventure just beginning. And abandoned fish heads know the red ship, loaded with red cargo crashed to shore right here, high tide this morning. 

And the tide is lurching in, wanting to wet your shoes with every wave and your heart is pounding and you have no camera and you wanted a walk in this sun right here before dark and you feel so lucky to have this the heat on your face right now, while you have the time, in this precious break without gale lash and rain sting and bleak January skies pressing down, but the best bits of flotsam are like the sides of small houses, red cabins wrecked on shore. Drowned red haired dolls peep through their shattered doorways.

You take some pieces, turn towards home, ignore the skinny dog that runs from out of nowhere wanting the wood you carry. And you hear yourself tell it that you want it more.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Strike action

I'm taking part in another of the Drawing challenges today. This one is number 154 and the theme is matchboxes. Thanks to Eric at Cerulean for organising. Please check out his new post today where you will find the links to the other participants.

I was taken with playing with the word strike and on these dark January days it inspired me to sit in the kitchen with glue all over my fingers while the soup bubbled away for lunch......

Strike Action

40 matchsticks are currently on strike, making a stand, lining up to encircle their box, shoulder to shoulder. Their spokesperson said - "Tired of having our heads set on fire, we have turned our backs on limited prospects and the daily threat of dangerous friction in our workplace. We refuse to be confined and demand safer working conditions."